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12/05/17 – Enrico Negro
22/05/17 – Tony McManus
23/06/17 – Karlijn Langendijk
26/08/17 – Peter Price and Jodie Keegan, in Rigomagno
31/08/17 – 03/09/17 — II° Tuscany Guitar Camp, in Rigomagno, with Andrea Valeri, Michael Fix and Adam Rafferty
23/09/17 – Steve Tilston
13/10/17 – Eric Lugosch
20/10/17 – Tim Sparks
17/11/17 – Markus Schlesinger

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Enrico Negro in concert. Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

Friday 12th of May 2017 at 9:30pm
SIX BARS JAIL c/o Circolo ARCI SMS Serpiolle
ticket 10 euro

Enrico Negro is a refined guitarist with a curriculum founded on a solid classical training and intense activity in the folk field.
In 1991, he graduated in Guitar with top marks from the “A. Vivaldi” Conservatory in Alessandria, and, in addition to constant concerts throughout Europe and, in parallel, an intense teaching schedule in various music institutes in Piedmont, he has assiduously cultivated a deep passion for the study and presentation of traditional music from Piedmont, Occitania and the Mediterranean area.

His experiences in the area of folk music have allowed him to collaborate with some of the major exponents of this musical genre, including many Italian and European groups. In addition to having participated as a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and chorister in numerous EC initiatives, he has a score of albums to his credit.

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In 2005 he issued his first solo album, “Ruby Red”, which received unanimous critical approval. In September 2015, he issued his second solo album “La Memoria dell’ Acqua” (Memory of Water) which he will be presenting at his Six Bars Jail concert. This album includes airs and dances from the Alpine folk tradition, ancient music dating back to the Renaissance and Baroque periods, some compositions by modern and contemporary Italian authors and some original compositions. All reinterpreted with the language characteristic of steel strings that draws on the style and teaching of the great masters of the acoustic guitar such as John Renbourn, a prominent exponent of the British folk revival movement, Pierre Bensusan and Soig Siberil. All musicians who have graced the stage of Six Bars Jail.

Tony McManus in concert. Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

Monday 22nd of May 2017 at 9:30pm
SIX BARS JAIL c/o Circolo ARCI SMS Serpiolle
ticket 15 euro

John Renbourn defined him as “the best Celtic guitarist in the world”. Born in 1965, self-taught since the age of 10, Tony McManus has always been distinguished by an absolutely fresh approach to traditional music, which has earned him growing fame and great respect by critics and colleagues alike. He interprets with great aplomb popular songs from Britain, Quebec, Galicia, Asturias, Cape Breton and Eastern Europe, in addition, of course, to Irish and Scottish Music. His amazing ability to play traditional Celtic melodies on acoustic guitar, that were originally created for bagpipes and violins, while preserving their integrity and emotional impact, has won him unconditional admiration from critics around the world. His collaborations with other artists are numerous, and among these, in addition to Beppe Gambetta, Dan Crary and Don Ross, with whom he shared the extraordinary experience of “Men of Steel”, he lists Dougie McLean, Phil Cunningham, Mairi MacInnes, Liam O'Flynn, Martin Simpson, Kevin Burke, Alison Brown, Martyn Bennet, Natalie MacMaster, Patrick and Jacky Molard, Mairead Ní Mhoanaigh and Dermot Byrne, the Nashville Chamber Orchestra, John Jorgenson, Jean Michel Veillon, Catriona Macdonald, Seikou Keita, Xosé Manuel Budiño, Ewen Vernal and Andy Irvine.

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His first international tour took place at the beginning of the nineties. His first two albums, Tony McManus 1996 and Pourquoi Quebec 1999, made him better known inside and outside the boundaries of his native Scotland, but it was with Ceol More, 2002, that Tony’s stature as a musician assumed its current dimension. Tony has been nominated “Musician of the Year' by BBC Folk Awards and the Scottish Traditional Music Awards, while Ceol More was “Album of the year” for the magazine Acoustic Guitar. Tony’s career has exploded and he has been invited to the most important guitar festivals in the world.

January 2009 saw the release of Maker's Mark, his fourth album. His latest album as a soloist is Mysterious Boundaries from 2013, and is arguably his most ambitious work. Following a challenge launched by virtuoso mandolinist Mike Marshall to learn the prelude of Bach in E Major on guitar, Tony McManus has become involved in an exploration of Classical and Baroque music, apparently very different from the world of jigs and Irish reels he grew up with. From this incursion came an undeniably fascinating album that contains in addition to original pieces, also a remarkable interpretation of the colossal Chaconne of Bach in D minor (one of the greatest compositions of all time) as well as pieces by composers such as Satie, Monteverdi, and Couperin. A work greeted by his colleagues as “a masterpiece” (John Renbourn), “beyond beautiful ... it's PERFECT” (Tommy Emmanuel).

He is equally famous in Italy, thanks to numerous concerts on his own or with the Breton bassist Alan Genty (with whom he also recorded the marvellous album Singing Sands), and various other ensembles, above all those with Italy’s great Beppe Gambetta.

Karen Langendijk in concert. Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

Friday 23rd of June 2017 at 9:30pm
SIX BARS JAIL c/o Circolo ARCI SMS Serpiolle
ticket 10 euro

Karlijn Langendijk, twenty-one years old, Dutch, will be appearing in Italy for the first time on the initiative of the Veneto festival “Chitarre per Sognare”, which suggested we share this opportunity. We jumped at the chance because Karlijn is a genuine natural talent of fingerstyle guitar and we are sure that she will soon earn a prominent position in the international guitar panorama.

Surrounded by acoustic guitar music since birth, she began to play the guitar at the age of 13 inspired by her Father. She currently writes her own music, fascinated by fingerstyle guitar but also classical and modern music. She has performed on stage with such guitarists as Tommy Emmanuel, Peter Finger and Gareth Pearson, and has toured Germany and China.

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She issued her debut album “Leap of Faith” in 2015 in duo with the Dutch acoustic guitarist Tim Urbanus, who is also very young. Produced by Peter Finger’s prestigious label “Acoustic Music Records” this album grabs the attention for its youthful freshness and the brilliance of the compositions presented by the duo.

Since the end of 2016 she has been on tour with her new repertoire as a soloist.

Her concert at Six Bars Jail will be the début of Karlijn’ first tour in Italy. It will be followed by another two stops, the “Chitarre per Sognare” festival (Colognola ai Colli - 30 June) and the “Paese a 6 corde” (Lago d’Orta - 2 July).

II° Tuscany Guitar Camp – with Andrea Valeri, Michael Fix and Adam Rafferty

August 31 – September 3, 2017
Rigomagno (Sinalunga, close to Siena)

The camp will take place in Rigomagno (Sinalunga - Siena, Toscana) A unique opportunity to stay in Tuscany, in a magical atmosphere, next to some of the greatest Acoustic Guitar Players the world has to offer!

The Camp Dates are going from Aug. 31st to Sept. 3rd (both dates also included).
The Theachers on this Camp will be Andrea Valeri (ITA), Michael Fix (AUS), Adam Rafferty (USA).
The lessons will be Individual with each teacher, and we will alternate them during the day to attend group lessons also.
The lessons will start in the morning at 10 am, and go until 5:30 pm, with a lunch break at 1 pm untill 2 pm.
The Meals are all included in the price of the booking.
The accommodation, on request, is available in the same structure where the camp will take place.
The accommodation is already included in the package subsequently listed as Tuscany Guitar Camp 1.
Transportation from the airport of Pisa to the structure and back is available on request for free.

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A concert (Open Mic) for the participants of the camp is planned on the last night (September 3rd), while Andrea, Michael and Adam will be together on the stage the first night (Aug 31st).

These are the two packages available:

  • "Tuscany Guitar Camp 1"
    including accommodation for the duration of the camp, transport from and to the airport of Pisa, complete meals for each day, and guitar Workshops.
  • "Tuscany Guitar Camp 2"
    including complete meals for the entire period of the camp, and guitar Workshops.

Write to Andrea Valeri staff.

Steve Tilston in concert. Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

Saturday 23rd of September 2017 at 9:30pm
SIX BARS JAIL c/o Circolo ARCI SMS Serpiolle
ticket 10 euro

Despite the fact that he’s popular in Italy mainly because of his sporadic participation in John Renbourn’s "Ship of Fools", the extraordinary artistic CV of Steve Tilston confirms that we are faced with a major musician, numbered by those in the know among the greatest exponents of British folk.

In fact, in 40 years of playing music, Steve Tilston has built a career that demands respect, having released numerous works of refined quality that have always mixed reworkings of traditional English and Irish folk songs with originals of a popular kind such as “Slip Jigs & Reels” and “The Naked Highwayman” which, thanks to huge success on the British folk club circuit, have become genuine "classics" of the genre. In addition, many of his songs have been recorded by other major artists on the folk circuit, such as Fairport Convention, Dolores Keane, North Cregg, Bob Fox, Peter Bellamy and The House Band.

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Born in Liverpool, Tilston grew up in the Midlands under the influence of other giants of British folk such as Bert Jansch, Davey Graham and John Renbourn, but also some historic American bluesman of the calibre of Big Bill Broonzy and Josh White. Steve Tilston can currently boast a discography of more than twenty albums, of which 15 are under his own name.
Among the albums released as a soloist one that certainly deserves a mention is "Swans at Coole" from 1990, the only one of his discography consisting entirely of instrumental tracks, and dominated by an atmosphere of pure musicality in a traditional folk style.

A crucial step in Tilston’s career was the artistic and sentimental encounter with the flautist and folk singer Maggie Boyle, a specialist in the traditional Irish repertoire. From this partnership, in addition to the already mentioned participation in the "Ship of Fools", came two important and much acclaimed albums containing both original pieces and rearrangements of traditional songs: "Of Moor and Mesa", from 1992, and "To Under The Sun" from 1996.

His latest work, released in November 2016, was born from a collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist Jez Lowe, and is titled "The Janus Game". An album put together entirely as a twosome whose content is as varied as it is coherent and balanced thanks to the stylistic approach and interpretation of two great musicians who are both established soloists in their own right.

Over the course of his long career, Steve Tilston has received many awards and accolades including, in February 2012, the prize for “Best Original Song" for "The Reckoning" from the 2011 album of the same name, as part of the "BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards".

One episode as curious as it is incredible has recently increased Steve Tilston’s recognition, albeit unwillingly. 2015 saw the release in cinemas of "Danny Collins", a film directed by Dan Fogelman starring Al Pacino inspired by a letter that John Lennon wrote to Steve Tilston in 1971 after reading an interview from the latter to a music magazine, in which the folk singer stated that fame and wealth could end up having a negative effect on his art over the years. In the letter, Lennon reassured his colleague, telling him that to be rich would never change his experiences nor the way he thought. Lennon even left his phone number in the letter for future contacts, but it was never delivered to Tilston. It was lost track of, probably intercepted by a hunter of Beatles memorabilia, until 2005, when a collector, who had come into possession of it, made the affair public allowing Steve Tilston to find out what had happened 34 years earlier.

Eric Lugosch in concert. Acoustic fingerstyle guitar

Friday 13th of October 2017 at 9:30pm
SIX BARS JAIL c/o Circolo ARCI SMS Serpiolle
ticket 10 euro

Eric Lugosch is one of the most creative heads of the American acoustic guitar scene. He very skillfully combines technical know-how with musical expressiveness. Lugosch is a fellow who tinkers, who consistently seeks musical depth in his arrangements and whose artistic concept is marked by both respect of tradition as well as uncompromising originality. His spectrum of color embraces the entire range of American music, be that ragtime, blues, R&B or jazz.

Winner of the 1984 National Fingerpicking Championship, Eric Lugosch lives in Evanston, Illinois, where he writes, teaches and continues developing his own personal vision of fingerstyle guitar beyond all clichés. Eric has already taken hundreds of concerts in the US and tour around the world and has been invited over the years at various international guitar festivals including the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Sarzana, Stamford International Guitar Festival in England, the Ullapool Guitar Festival in Scotland and Merseyside Liverpool Guitar Festival. His discography includes seven albums.